Rasmus Erixon


Collaboration with Tobias Möller, Anna Tran & William Sörqvist.

Quorn was established in the 80s and since then alot of things has happened. New trends and competition has risen up as the demand has grown. The design is recognized with its orange color which makes it easy for their customer base to find it. But the brand feels too marketed to the vegetarian customer and when other vegeterian brands are widening their customer base, Quorn is standing still. The photographic manner on the packaging is traditional and doesn’t inspire to a more fun and simple everyday cooking.

Our aim was to transform the communication of the brand so that it appeals to a wider audience. We decided to extend the product range to reach a wider target group as well as analysing the current trends and what todays consumers are looking for. Along that, we have worked to create something that aesthetically attracts our widened audience, but also has a great shelf impact and of course inspires to the joy of food and cooking.

The concept is to attract non-vegetarians to cook more food that is non-meat without compromising on taste. By using beautiful colors and a playful photographic manner we stand out in the shelves in both the vegetarian and meat sections. Our bigger plan and vision for the brand is to bring desire and inspiration for food that is great both for you and the environment. As well as creating a belief in a future where the food is just as delicious as it is sustainable. That’s what Quorn is for us.



Collaboration with Fanny Löfvall.

Our task was to make a redesign of Nestlés packaging for their product "Good morning gruel". We saw potential in the product and therefore chose to create another project where we developed new products based from the gruel.

We created the brand F1BER. Striving to always beat your personal best and perform at peak becomes more and more common. F1BER is the name of the new brand we have developed, where the 1 stands for the ambition to always perform at your best. F1BER is targeting people who have the dream of becoming athletes and at the same time want to feel good on the inside. The typeface was created by hand with paint and brush. This created a tough and challenging look that simultaneously feels nice and familiar.


Klässbols Linen Factory

Klässbols place on earth is Värmland, Sweden. Here, the third and fourth generation of the Johansson family manage the business and traditions inherited from their grandfather and great grandfather Hjalmar, who sat weaving all night long. Klässbols unstinting faith in linen as a natural material has provided them with a living and a purpose in life. They have received prestigious commissions from the Swedish Court and embassies, bringing Klässbols international fame. With a strong sense of tradition and faith in linen as a natural material, they work together to carry Klässbols, the family business, into the future.

Klässbols Linen Factory produce products of high quality and modern design. They work with designers to create modern and challenging patterns. Despite this, they are linked more to handicraft and crafts than modern design.

Our task was to take them from handicraft and crafts to modern design by developing design and packaging solutions that reflect the expression of their products.



Møller/Barnekow is a fictional well-established sandwich bar in central Malmö. For many years they have been offering high quality sandwiches and salads with locally produced ingredients. They have now chosen to expand their range, and will offer high quality wraps. Our mission was to create a packaging solution that follows the new lifestyle trend 'Smart on the go'. To buy a wrap in folded paper easily gets messy and greasy and is hard to eat in a simple way. Møller/Barnekows packaging for wraps is easy to open, carry with you and eat from it on the go.



Brand and packaging design for Löfmans Chokladbutik. A non existing chocolate shop in Stockholm, Sweden.
Working out is getting more and more usual and appreciated in the world. In this trend people also wants to eat healthier. Dark chocolate with good quality is the perfect choice for people who wants healthier candy. Löfmans Chokladbutik is targeting that group of people who still wants good quality candy that they can bring with them and still look good and in style with the chocolate.
The chocolate Löfmans is providing has six different flavours. I tried to reflect the flavour of the chocolate by using nice bright colours that shows the flavour in a simple way.

Trends of today is not just about how you dress or how you live, but rather a lifestyle. From everything you update on social media to what you eat in everyday life.


Jane Motorcycles

Thinking about buying an espresso or a motorcycle? At Jane Motorcycles you can get them both. You can find them in Brooklyn, New York. It’s a nice balance of everything you want – coffee shop aesthetic, gallery-like display of motorcycles, gear to go, cool books, apparel and men’s grooming products.

I’ve created secondary logotypes and prints for apparel.


Exotic Snacks

Exotic Snacks is a natural candy assortment that in recent years have been a known brand in Swedish convenience stores. Today's society is becoming more health conscious and careful about what they and their children eat. Therefore, they now want to develop a concept that makes more children choose a healthier candy.

The assignment was to develop a childrens range for Exotic Snacks natural sweets.

I created three illustrations of monkeys using patterns to create playfulness and attention. The colours are reflecting the flavours of the candy.


Paper Mobile

Workshop with Susanna Barret.

The assignment was to create a paper mobile in free interpretation with only using your hands. I created a face and worked with emotions by using different layers with the cardboard. 


Ahoy Brewery

Ship Ahoy!

Packaging and brand design for a non existing brand of a micro brewery at the west coast of Sweden. Ahoy Brewery has started out with three different kinds of beer. Lager beer with a malty flavour with hints of dark rye bread, dried fruit, dark syrup and toffee, Brown ale with a malty flavour with hints of bitter orange and caramel and Sweet stout with a malty flavour with hints of dark chocolate and coffee.

I tried to capture the darkness of the story behind the brewery but still get it more interesting and uplifting by using light pastel colours. The design is targeting young adults who knows design and haven't had an eye for dark beer earlier.